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I will admit that “caterwauling” is an ugly word,

But, no matter how joyful the noise,

It’s the only word which fits any sound Read More »


As we approach Opening Day (the part where the Grand Old Game is played in the sunshine), a quick moment to give a nod to those who never made The Show (I have it on good authority our Mr. Rockett is not contemplating a comeback.)

Originally posted on W.k. kortas--mediocre means "better than some".:

He’d always had the fastball.

It was, according to the second-tier phys ed teachers

And young, un-tenured math instructors

Who comprised the area’s high school coaching community,

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She has maintained a steadfast and prudent distance

From places she would have to fabricate answers to tiresome inquiries:

The ageless Rexall pharmacy, the gas pumps at the Kwik-Fill, Read More »

You see,

it’s quite simple;

Fate will always bitch-slap

those who just can’t leave well enough


We’d known him, back in the day at dear old Millard Fillmore Elementary,

As Three-Desks Tommy, highly imaginative monicker

Deriving from his decidedly unimaginative first name Read More »

I don’t think about it much anymore, as it all took place long ago, enough so that the memories are likely at considerable odds with the facts, as my youth (as my children are wont to remind me) took place in a time before color photography, an epoch when the basketballs still had laces. Read More »

It was only gonna be a little three-hour jump
‘Till the barometer bottomed out and the Minnow went bump
But you make chocolate milk when life gives you turds
Ain’t nothin’ like Thurston Howell and The Thirds. Read More »

Back in
I resolved to be more
goal-oriented; I should get
to that.

(For this Toad prompt, and you may be correct in the assumption that I should have got to it a bit sooner and with more vigor.)

There’s several ways to see the light
(We often learn this much too late)
And if the lens is fashioned right
Its brightness will not obfuscate.
The grinder’s work should be precise
So we can see both clear and true
Precluding shadows which entice
With parlor tricks of shade and hue
Although we strive for clarity
In images the heavens send
The verity of what we see
Will, in the end, solely depend
On how well we ourselves acquit
As we strive toward the adequate.

It was an unusual saloon story, remarkably unblemished

By the normal run of done-me-wrong faux-Nashville angst,

Nor told with the eye-rolling and grand gesticulation

One employs to emphasize the veracity of the tale. Read More »

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