The Folks Who Loved “The Folks Who Live On The Hill”

They’d lived on the flats, humdrum home in a prosaic town. Those gabled edifices perched on hilltops Beyond their means, perhaps, But certainly beyond their needs; Their children had cribbed at the foot of their bed To the detriment of sleep and other night-time activities, And they’d later shared a room, learning early on That […]

We Shall Serenade Our Louie, Or Whomever

The cast is ever changing, be it at Old Eli its ownself Or various other institutions, most sans ivy, Their distinguished here-and-gones A touch short on presidents and laureates, And certainly the songbook has changed (Crooners and concertinas long since consigned to history’s dustbin) But certain verities, gnawing and implacable, Remain unchanged, the inevitable realization […]