What do you mean you ate Raymond?

12 thoughts on “About

    1. I wanted to leave a comment on NY Mills, Fairy Tale [sic?] but the page opened without the usual comment place. I enjoyed the entire poem with its long slow line (like the river and canal and progress) and its evaluation of the possible, and especially these lines which have a whole world in them:
      “The unanticipated benefit of one less hour to fret over things unbought,
      One less hour to dwell upon promises unmet.”

  1. Oh, to be a poet
    And yes I guess
    I do not know it

    But I value your comments
    Even more than a sonnet
    Write on, sir, and show it
    And let us all hoe it

    –your non-poetic Funky Friend

    1. Ah, The Show, ’77 style
      How I wish I could be there
      From the sweet swing of Rodney Cline Carew
      To Oscar Gamble’s hair.

      While I am no Nostradamus,
      This much I can clearly see;
      The mid-point of August does not bode well
      For Rennie Stennett’s knee.

        1. Okay, but if there was a beacon, it’d be cool, right? Like the shape of the Arcade Fire. Now I am just worried that the hypothetical beacon would not be cool and would be mocked by young adults aged 18-24 and it would trend poorly on twitter.

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