I respect faith, but doubt is what gets you an education.

–Wilson Mizner


14 thoughts on “About

    1. I wanted to leave a comment on NY Mills, Fairy Tale [sic?] but the page opened without the usual comment place. I enjoyed the entire poem with its long slow line (like the river and canal and progress) and its evaluation of the possible, and especially these lines which have a whole world in them:
      “The unanticipated benefit of one less hour to fret over things unbought,
      One less hour to dwell upon promises unmet.”

  1. Oh, to be a poet
    And yes I guess
    I do not know it

    But I value your comments
    Even more than a sonnet
    Write on, sir, and show it
    And let us all hoe it

    –your non-poetic Funky Friend

    1. Ah, The Show, ’77 style
      How I wish I could be there
      From the sweet swing of Rodney Cline Carew
      To Oscar Gamble’s hair.

      While I am no Nostradamus,
      This much I can clearly see;
      The mid-point of August does not bode well
      For Rennie Stennett’s knee.

        1. Okay, but if there was a beacon, it’d be cool, right? Like the shape of the Arcade Fire. Now I am just worried that the hypothetical beacon would not be cool and would be mocked by young adults aged 18-24 and it would trend poorly on twitter.

  2. Raymond reminds of the movie “White man can’t Jump.” Raymond is played by Marques Johnson. It’s the scene when he tries to hold up the liquor store. Anyway, I’m off topic. WK you are the master of references, obscures ones, and much much more. I only wonder why you don’t write more about baseball or maybe you do and I just haven’t found it yet?

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