A Variation Upon r’s “Batting eyelids at a blood moon”

It was the night of the thundersnow,
Meteorological harpie normally reserved for our northern brethren.
She stood grimly at the window,
In wait for a dawn which would not come
Save for the odd light, the incongruous rumbling,
Mock forbearer of those easy languid evenings of August.
She’d made some noise approximating a sigh,
Then returned to undress,
I hurriedly unlacing my boots, removing my pants,
(My feigned nonchalance a foolish, pitiable thing)
And I remember her breasts as oddly demure,
Her nipples bewitching gumdrops,
The triangle below her waist downy, almost kittenish.
I’d broken her maiden clumsily, eagerly, all unheeding haste.
We’d lain next to each other for a short while afterwards
(The schools already closed for the next day,
Her father recently gone to the boneyard on Ludlow Hill,
She soon to be shuttled off to some spinster aunt in Dillsboro.)
I’d nattered on about summer vacations and thens and laters;
She’d said little, simply studying me with the bemused half-smile
One saves for sad dreamers not intimate with the knowledge
That notions of tomorrow and forever are strictly for suckers,
And as I strolled home come mid-morning,
The sun implacably straddled the sky,
Leaving the sidewalks and shoulders of the road
Completely dry, as if the night before had been a thing
Of perhaps-only, of dreams and tales for a later time.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I endorse the original wholeheartedly


5 thoughts on “A Variation Upon r’s “Batting eyelids at a blood moon”

  1. Well! Well!
    No confusion about the meaning, images, and symbols in this very sweet verse.
    We, if self gives us the freedom to remove our ribbons freely, tend to write about intimacy with a clarity usually reserved for a cold mountain lake. Very nice poem.

  2. If Ruby Tuesday had a cousin or a twin, a double head(er) I’d say she fits the bill….”That notions of tomorrow and forever are strictly for suckers.” But either way, the thunder snow reeled me in right from the git-go.

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