The De-Commissioned Zhivago

It has been stamped with dispassionate blue ink,
Signifying its future lack of suitability to sit on the shelves,
Having been elbowed aside by this and that year’s thing
(And the book had not been checked out since the mid-seventies,
Perhaps some young man all but short-circuited
By the prospect of a bathing Julie Christie,
Or some female counterpart shedding bell-bottomed tears
Over doomed love, which, in her cosmology,
All such things were fated to be)
Placed in some temporary cardboard casket
Which once held bananas or copier paper or ancient time cards,
Sitting cheek to elbow with cookbooks and breathless biorhythm tomes,
Buffeted about forces unseen and beyond its control
As it faces the uncertain and uneasy prospect of possible reclamation.

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: This piece was inspired by, and may read as a companion piece, to This piece by Lawrence Hall . Obviously, the good Mr. Hall is not responsible for any of this pieces shortcomings.)


11 thoughts on “The De-Commissioned Zhivago

  1. It may carry some infectious disease,
    Or its back just broke in a fall.
    Maybe some internal unease
    Led the way to an end of it all.

    Whatever you find is the cause,
    Rest assured its time was well spent.
    Now’s the time for praise and applause,
    For all the love that it lent.

    Now consider the mash and the pulp,
    All the floating, the bleaching, the press,
    The rime, the rhythm, the gulp,
    As new words it bears nonetheless.

    But the old words never can die
    As they pass from paper to screen,
    Nor the loves as to heaven they fly –
    Simply watch and see what I mean.

      1. Of course you kid,WWK. You know I’m not a poet. Alright, I have a facility with old-fashioned rhythm and rhyme – as you do. But to find a spark and to fan it and coax it so that illuminates the world like you do, well, that is poetry and I can”t do that: not with much success, anyway, even though I try.

  2. i think Jung had a banned book, a red one. I always wondered if one’s mind would explode into uncharted territory if one read it? ( how bout that for a simplistic interpretation?)

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