woman, jumping

She is the living embodiment of the cliché,
The song where the male sub-lead
Returns from some second shift, some third drink
To find she has gone, leaving some scrap-paper note,
Hastily scribbled and wholly incomplete,
Some variation upon Don’t try and find me,
And so she is suitably unfound herself,
As she has given great thought to her froms,
But rather short shrift to her tos,
Finding herself north of the Thruway,
Looking for somewhere to spend the night
(Running on fumes of the twin motors of adrenaline and anxiety)
Happening upon, as if almost by some beneficent magic,
A Travelodge bordered by an expanse of cornfield
(Long since gone to seed, the stalks bowed and spent,
Waiting for the patently overdue cob harvester)
And after she is checked in and somewhat unpacked
(The bored, bemused woman who slumps about the front desk
Mercifully sparing with the small talk)
The skies, which had been late-October slate blur-gray,
Slightly malevolent but only implicit in their threats,
Open up in a cold and unwelcome drizzle,
And, whys and whereefores being things for a later date,
She runs outside and begins dancing in the parking lot,
Unseen and unremarked upon,
And even though the rain is cold, soaking, grim in portent
(The forecast dourly noting the possibility of wet snow,
Nattering that accumulation is possible at higher elevations.)
She is seemingly unaware and unconcerned of the upshot of this drenching,
Any whispers of the two or three other occupants of the motel,
Any judgments passed upon her mad danse pour un,
As she has passed beyond any notion of admonition.


14 thoughts on “woman, jumping

    1. Well, we always got Glen Falls, NY around the bend which I think is where strat-o-matic cards are printed? where diehards sleep out on lawn chairs waiting to see who is bestowed the holy 2-8,9,10 splits for home runs or maybe it’s the dancing out with the mooonlit ???? (whatever a female knight is called.) they’re waiting for.

      1. I’ll beat Glen to it–Strat-O-Matic is in Glen Head, which is on The Island (you have to assume that there’s only one island if you live in Nassau County), whereas Glens Falls is in the foothills of the Adirondacks and just south of Lake George. Actually, Glens Falls may be my favorite Upstate burgh.

        1. oh yeh, that’s right, Glen Head, not Glen Falls, but what do ya know; my mistake has aroused curiosity in Glen Falls. Anything in particular that makes it one of your favorite burghs?

          1. Big enough to have decent food and drink, close to the ‘Dacks and Lake George, small enough to just walk around in, has the quaint without the self-congratulatory smugness of other small Upstate cities (I’m looking at you, Ithaca.)

          2. Thanks for the heads up….Glenn Falls – a possible vacation spots for my girlfriend and I. The only bit I knew about Ithaca was that its University baseball team was pretty good and that they had a good communications/broadcasting school. I just looked it up and they do have a decent baseball team, but only three players went on to paly pro ball…strangely one of them was Deacon Jones, not the same one who played football, but inspiring enough to get me to play that Steely Dan song Deacon blues. Thanks again for the heads up.

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