homesick for the moon

It is not, of course, a literal longing
An actual yearning for some terra firma unlike our own
(The vistas promised her elders
In the pages of children’s science encyclopedias,
Jetson-esque lunar traffic jams and hourly interplanetary shuttles
Failing to materialize as prophesied,
The future being a pastel and underwhelming version of our hopes)
But things unrealized, ethereal but substantial,
Their very lack of corporeality giving them a solidity,
A genuineness that those subjects of everyday aspirations
No longer possess, stripped of all semblance of magic,
And she has made a somewhat discontented compact with all of that,
Choosing to cast her lot with such that this plane has to offer,
But her memories can be fanciful things, and not party to such contracts,
And in her mind she is whisked away to the bus ride
To see the cosmos projected on the school planetarium up in Poplar Ridge,
Her heart quickening as the darting stars and great, ponderous Jupiter
Waxed and waned on the building’s dome,
Her fifth-grade group among the last to see such a show
Before the gears in the works, impractical and wildly expensive to replace
Sheared and came to a halt for the final time.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This piece shares its title with This awfully fine piece of music , which one hopes is not diminished by comparison.

(Also shared on the the Real Toads come-one come-all.)


12 thoughts on “homesick for the moon

  1. Damn… been awhile but glad I saw this. You have always been a writer who can pin down the reality that almost anyone should be able to identify with. It’s a hard hitter, especially that last line. You are amazing.

  2. I LOVE your title! You drew me in to the wonder of seeng the stars and the cosmos at the planetarium…those kids were lucky to have seen the last show and it is sad that the machinery cant be fixed………….an excellent write!

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