he, who gets slapped

One quickly learns to fall and roll,
(The pratfall is his stock in trade)
But hard surfaces take their toll,
Although the fall’s expertly played.
He’s just the universe’s tool
Grinning though his blood may boil
A well-placed and convenient fool
(The harlequin’s the perfect foil.)
The passing years have not been kind
(His back is shot, his knees are spent)
But still he keeps the thought in mind
That other wounds are permanent
(He may never bring the house down,
But no one persecutes a clown.)


5 thoughts on “he, who gets slapped

  1. I like this one. Something to keep in my pocket or around my neck in a locket. Reminds me of my grandma’s advice about making orange juice when the world throws oranges at you.

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