Well, now I’ve gone and done it.

Hey, Faulkner has books. Yeats has books. Why, even P.G. Wodehouse has books, some of which I suspect were written after his death. What have they got that I don’t have?

(/stares forlornly into the abyss whilst contemplating said question)

Doggone, I’ve used verbs, adjectives, and conjunctions just like those guys–so why not me? It is with that wild-eyed optimism that I’m happy to tell you that the long awaited (though by whom is an open question) collection of Kortas poetry is now submitted for your approval. Entitled The Romeo Letters & Other Poems, it appears just in time for the all-important Labor Day shopping season (as an aside, I had noted to the marketing folks at Hobo Press that such shopping was usually limited to beer and brats, to which they replied If you knew anything about marketing, would you be writing poetry? I came up a bit short on an answer to that argument.)

To get to the meat-n-taters of this over-long post, you may find the book for purchase here or here. It contains some sixty-odd poems culled from what I’ve ground out over the years, and it’s a good-looking book, as the design folks at Hobo Press are…well, they’re Hobo. So for those of you who have spent time at this here site and have contemplated having a collection of these works to adorn your coffee table (the book, incidentally, makes a lovely coaster), your time has arrived.


14 thoughts on “Well, now I’ve gone and done it.

  1. i never read wodehouse or yeats. I tried faulkner for one book and i got confused, but you wk, absolutely. congratulations. marketing is silly, isn’t it? I take what the imaginary chief tells me to heart and hopefully one day to head, that if a story or poem reaches just one person and resonates, then hot damn!

  2. Wow. You have done it; I’m very proud of not only your ability to craft a poem but your energy in getting them published. Masters would be very proud.

  3. I received the book in the mail just now, WK,and my over-sized ego dictates that I tell you that my favorite page is the page right after the copyright page. When I plunked down the money for this book, I never would have imagined that I would be in the book! I am sincerely flattered and honored. No, I am not the “Two Ninety Nine Kid” (one of my favorites of yours), but I am mentioned just the same! (I think my bowling high was actually closer to 200 than 299, and and I achieved that in 1981 at the bowling alley (New Paltz Lanes???) on Route 299 in Highland, New York, near New Paltz.) I’m Glen Russell Slater, and I almost fell off of the couch when I found my name mentioned on that page! Thank you for the pleasant surprise of the day.

    Glen Russell Slater

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