A Variation Upon Ken Simm’s “A Woman Dancing on the Sea”

She is not the Earth Mother, no archetype of maternal bliss
(As if you’d come here hunting such a thing.)
Her stock in trade is caprice, unpredictability,
Fickleness raised to the power of malevolence,
Yet, in full possession of such knowledge,
You have come to this ragged shore
Seeking something moored in the substantive, the invariable
But there is none of that, she is none of that,
Palpable and yet insubstantial,
The stuff of full moons in the daylight,
Of the strange songs water makes against distant outcroppings
Appearing chock-a-block on equally distant islets,
And she is, to your apprehension and misapprehensions,
Almost indistinct from the tidal waters she appears to dance upon,
Bestowing you but one word, barely audible and beyond comprehension,
Which is mocking, dismissive, and brutal in its finality.

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is by the kind permission of the author of the original, which can be found here.)


4 thoughts on “A Variation Upon Ken Simm’s “A Woman Dancing on the Sea”

  1. That’s not lie me to be so vague or cryptic in my replies. Maybe I should be? Anyway, I was referring specifically to the album covers abraxas and bitches brew. Your poem reminded me.

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