musings upon “lara’s theme”, unapologetically late for a certain day in february

So we have remained, with the constancy of stubborn and vestigial elms,
Through any number of moons and Junes,
Equally as many improbable springtimes,
Madnesses of petunias and potholes,
But with a fidelity relatively unstrained, untested,
Our travails being minor things,
Trivial as opposed to titanic,
Our hithers and yons no more
Than the muted triumph of simply carrying on
And we could ask, one supposes
Have we truly loved, then?
Such questions are best left to poets and philosophers
(Grandiloquent fools with time and inclination
For such lines of inquiry)
And though the panorama of our time together
Will be an unprepossessing thing,
No strings heating up and crescendoing
As the camera pans wide in a sweeping crane shot
Of great craggy valleys, the zenith of white-capped peaks
(The lumpy moraines of our landscape,
Merely bits of sediment moved half-heartedly by the odd glacier,
Providing rather uninspiring visuals)
We suspect, no we know, know in such a way
That it is as unremarkable as blinking an eye
Or making some unconscious sound
Which annoys yet endears in the same moment,
That we would be all, give all,
Unreservedly and unhesitatingly immolating
Any thought or concept of self in service of the other,
And the notion that all of that occurs
Away from the watchful eye of director or camera
Does not diminish it in the least.


11 thoughts on “musings upon “lara’s theme”, unapologetically late for a certain day in february

  1. I never seen Dr. Zivago, but enjoyed the gush and burst of spring flight love here in the writing if I’m reading it right and maybe the descent is sober and inevitable and you seem to capture that too and I’m still dancing with the last lines; the away from the camera does not diminish it in the least lines. I’m immediately reminded of the Colt .45’s and Rosencranz and Guildensterns and the Pink Floyd soundtrack to the movie version….R and G because I think it was away from the Shakepseare camera; incidental characters bu that song Seamus and the dog howling; yes.

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