eartha kitt catwoman blues

We need to construct boxes, this world being complex

And messy to boot, so we approximate sanity

By filling compartments and writing thumbnail biographies,

And even though she packed the costume admirably

(Already forty, mind you, but nowhere near gone to fat)

Julie Newmar had already filled both outfit and niche

(And never mind Halle Berry’s turn,

Different raiment for a different time, after all,

And one suspects the next iteration of said slinky supervillainess

Will wear nothing more than feline-shaped nipple rings),

Not to mention she’d already entered our collective consciousness

With a frothy Noel novelty (unsubstantial, inconsequential

In and of its ownself, perhaps, but then one considers

The version foisted off on the populace

By that woman who appropriated the moniker of the Blessed Virgin,

All phoned-in faux Betty Boop, and one reconsiders)

So this was who she was, the book closed and sealed

(English only, never mind the other three tongues she spoke

And another three to boot she purred in.)

They say when she died, she did not go gently, as it were,

But screamed and yowled for all she was still worth,

And maybe it was the cancer, certainly enough to do the job itself,

But maybe it was a notion that the era of innuendo and intimation was all done,

That she was transitioning to the static, to becoming a legacy,

A permanence that was stalking her,

Murderous, insatiable, inexorable.








9 thoughts on “eartha kitt catwoman blues

  1. Speaking of “stalking her”, I think that you’re obsessed with Julie Newmar! You mention her a lot!

    Batman was the first show that was the first first-run primetime television show that is in my consciousness. I became a Batman FANATIC! My mother used to dress me as Batman, and my sister, who was about two or three, played Robin! I was, what, barely five years old when it first came out. I loved that show! I was too young to realize how sexy Catwoman was, naturally.

    Before Batman came along, it was mostly “The Sandy Becker Show”, “The Soupy Sales Show”, “The Pancake Man”, and other morning children’s fare. I guess i must have been in the afternoon kindergarten at PS 30; how else could I have watched these shows? Also reruns of the then recently cancelled “Dennis The Menace” and sometimes, when I was feeling real MATURE, “Leave It To Beaver” reruns, which were on right after “Dennis The Menace”. Yes, I actually thought that “Leave It To Beaver” was sophisticated entertainment, and I rarely watched it back then!

    I don’t understand the part about the cancer. As far as I know, Julie Newmar never had cancer. Maybe I’m missing the boat AGAIN.


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