a few words for dana, not that he needs them

(for dana rushin)

Well, you’ve got have that moon-June thing;

Hard-coded into our DNA, after all,

But if you stop there and say Well, here it is,

You’re just playin’ chopsticks instead of concertos,

Or parsing out Monk on a Fisher-Price piano.

Story’s gotta live and breathe, see,

Just like you and me, got to have a heartbeat,

And if the tale’s told right, done truly,

Well, it’s a light goin’ on for everybody,

Be it little girls (getting the giggles

Or bein’ all mock-stern with you,

Finding a way to work it in some double-dutch rhyme)

Or old-timers, gray-haired and coke-bottle glasses,

Some of them all but blind, leaning on their canes

(But lightly, gracefully, like old soft-shoe men)

And one of them likely to chuckle softly,

And say Yessir, that’s how it is.

You tell it now, son—story’s big as a house,

Big as the whole damn universe.



3 thoughts on “a few words for dana, not that he needs them

  1. I’m a hypocrite in saying hitting the gym for homeruns is over rated, but on this day a batter hitting behind a runner and moving him to third for a sac fly is just so damn chop sticks perfect.

  2. It’s like Joe Garagiola said so loooooong ago, the dream goes from the Game 7 walk-off to hitting behind the runner to get him into position to score the winning run, and Joe’s got a ring so maybe he’s on to something.

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