(a rather misbegotten fourteen lines)

There’s several ways to see the light
(We often learn this much too late)
And if the lens is fashioned right
Its brightness will not obfuscate.
The grinder’s work should be precise
So we can see both clear and true
Precluding shadows which entice
With parlor tricks of shade and hue
Although we strive for clarity
In images the heavens send
The verity of what we see
Will, in the end, solely depend
On how well we ourselves acquit
As we strive toward the adequate.


17 thoughts on “(a rather misbegotten fourteen lines)

  1. I had to look up the words “verity” and “obfuscate”, but I did. I thought that “Verity” was just the name of the street where Eckhardt’s Chicken Feed was in the town that I grew up in, Baldwin, NY.

    You’ve been rhyming your poems lately, I notice.

    Anyway, I assume that this is about taking pictures with a camera, right? I picture one of those old Argus box cameras.

    Am I right?

    I liked it. But one question: Were the photographs being taken in Montomerci Falls?


  2. I always love a sonnet. You make great use of words and rhymes in this piece. If clear vision were a guarantee, we would have little cause for concern, all things known and understood – kind of takes the fun out of it though.

    All the best for the New Year, wkk.

  3. mediocre didn’t rhyme with anything that worked, did it? I don’t see how you could have woven “ocher” or “choker” into the piece. 🙂

    Am glad to have made your digital acquaintance this year, wkk. I always look forward to your writes. ~ M

  4. Through a glass darkly? The grinding must be true, of course, but the lens must be wiped clear of grime, too. Is that how we ourselves acquit?

    I love words that make me think, and that you’ve done. Acquitted yourself quite well on that account!

  5. strive toward adequate… would be good for everyone if that was truly what we strived for… contentment would be reachable… but so often we strive for more… and that’s when suffering happens, in that longing, the not enough-ness. I enjoyed your poem very much.

  6. Context and perception…even when the lens seems perfect, the image projected into the mind when feeble with small picture syndrome can create the most terrifying haloed images…are they real? Maybe, but what person would even think of taking the job where the responsibility is to distinguish what is real. You never disappoint….been awhile, glad I stopped by! Happy New Year!

  7. Seems many of us are contemplative today. Goals ever-change, don’t they? as we age and learn and grow. “Adequate” changes from positive to negative, or vice-versa, as we learn who we are and what we’re meant to be. You invite reflection. I like that.

  8. I prefer a tv room with no light at all; just the tv. The light gives me the feeling that i’m being investigated for something I didn’t do and yet I don’t struggle to come up with something i did wrong, but I didn’t. I swear.

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