In Which Another U-Haul Puts The Route 5 Corridor In The Rear View Mirror


There should have been something cataclysmic, something Biblical in nature,

To fill our hearts with dread and be parsed by preacher and professor,

Some stark and utter maelstrom, all portent and blackness on the horizon,

Some prolonged epic drought accompanied by the requisite affliction of locusts,

But it was all some slow-moving and silent thing,

Proceeding grimly, inexorably, like a creek changing course

Through subtle and surreptitious movement of the gravel and soil

Until in what seemed no more than a gnat of a moment,

We went from with to without, the things we’d spun and toiled to build

Having moved on to elsewhere, forsaking ourselves and our aspirations,

Leaving us ox-bowed and wholly cut off from the stream.


We have had, as of late, the waters that were our life blood,

Part and parcel of who were are, pretty much turn on us,

The Mohawk, West Canada and Oneida Creeks,

Rising out of their banks in a maddening fury.

Five-hundred year floods, we’ve been told,

Epochal events, things of portent and maleficent auguries,

Though the deluge-driven torrents are not agents of cleansing,

Simply depositing the refuse of man and nature upon streets and lawns,

Crawdads and used condoms, silt and spare tires,

The flotsam of our derelictions, the driftwood of our misdeeds.





6 thoughts on “In Which Another U-Haul Puts The Route 5 Corridor In The Rear View Mirror

  1. gosh, as usual, i feel like i’ve just taken a journey in your writing. just love this.
    i live off a route 5 corridor myself and really felt this one. excellent!
    hey i wanna read some of these pieces altogether, in a volume, not on this shiny screen in hard-to-read white on black. ahem. can you get on that, please? thanks. 🙂

  2. A guy once told me it’s always good to keep a bottle of bleach for water purification under the bed and some sort of generator. I took the second bit as a sure way to catch a signal of baseball on the other side of ruin or to at least enjoy the possibility.

  3. Found an old used tire while clipping the hedges a couple of days ago. Everything looked so fine and neat ’till I saw that ugly tire growing underneath like a damp, black plant. Undermined the credibility of my entire hedgerow.

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