the mad dreams of the little tramp

In his reveries, there is no furtive glancing around corners,
No skulking and scraping to hide from scowling gendarmes.
He is huge, bestial, a proto-Kong of the wrong side of the tracks,
(Indeed, more than that—beyond the corporeal, something elemental
Master of Nature’s laws yet subservient to none of them)
Strutting down the boulevards and byways,
Marching through the very midst of graveside services,
Feasting on the floral tributes, fornicating with the freshly dug earth.
He races onward, forcing himself upon matchstick girl and street urchin,
Misusing them in horrible, unspeakable ways,
(His appetites creatures unto themselves,
Not constrained by the boundaries of propriety or biology)
Taking for himself their sad collections of pennies,
Tossing them heavenward to rain down in a copper cacophony
Before he steals upon an unsuspecting bobby,
Slitting his throat and setting the corpse afire,
Proceeding then to urinate upon the ashes.
As these tableaus unfold in the nickelodeon of his sleep
(Not accompanied by some tinkling version of Hurry No. 26
Jangling uncertainly on some hayseed the-ay-ter untuned upright
But rather by some Dada-esque concoction
Bereft of consistent key or time signature)
He laughs unrestrainedly, without a trace of mirth or simple humanity.

(Concocted, albeit a bit late to the party, for this writing prompt submitted by the wise and wonderful Isadora Gruye.)


One thought on “the mad dreams of the little tramp

  1. i’m always under the influence of baseball, but this sure puts the fear of mark mcgwire and his passive aggressive raids into my rear view mirror.

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