a civil uncoupling


This thing—unsanctified, uncertified

(Reminiscent of an old, familiar sweater

Comfortable, perhaps a bit threadworm here and there,

Yet wholly functional) has become unwound,

Not in some spectacular supernova

Replete with shouting and finger-shaking,

But slowly, almost imperceptibly becoming patchy and care-worn

Until such point it no longer provides much in terms of comfort or warmth,

A failure of evolution more than an excess of passion,

A matter of recalculation as opposed to recrimination.


Let us proceed onward, then, with as much decorum as we can muster.

Parse the checking statements, divvy up love seats and ottomans

With an emphasis on equity rather than enmity,

Leaving the plates and cups intact

Passing them on (a bit dewy-eyed, perhaps)

To begin anew in some niece’s college apartment

Or with other friends who shall gallantly attempt

To complete and compute what we could not,

Divining some math which leads not to our own aftermath,

A measured, reasoned rumination in search of some cold consolation.



3 thoughts on “a civil uncoupling

  1. A failure of evolution… a matter of reconciliation… these phrases are smart, telling, non-judgmental. They anchor this piece, an apex between crescendo and resolution. Nice work.

  2. Such divorces often go unremarked, but I believe they are all too common, and I am glad that you paused to give focus to this aspect of relationships. Your description is sad despite the civility, and the scenario depicted carries its own marks of familiarity.

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