On Isadora Gruye’s “Document of Discussion (3)”


Consider the narwhal, I said in the midst of draining another glass

What more evidence does one need that Nature, first and foremost,

Is simply an endless exercise in whimsy and giddiness?

You were about to answer, but another voice,

Dispassionate and disembodied, wafted in from somewhere along the bar:

It’s the fingerprints of God, telling us that true beauty is in function,

And that the vanity of the façade is wholly repugnant to Him.

I’d snapped my head around to see who’d issued such a dogmatic challenge,

But every face was buried in some intimate conversation

Or fixated forlornly on some spot in front of them,

So I addressed the query to the bartender—So what is it, then,

Mother Nature having a laugh, or stern admonition from Our Maker?

The man behind the bar gave a bit of a sigh, and peered over his glasses at me.

I know two things, he said, First, the flatfish he has for dinner

Doesn’t give a tinker’s damn either way, and, second,

I’m calling your stupid drunk ass a cab,

Because anyone who’s reached the point of arguing about a goddamn narwhal

Has no business being behind the wheel.



8 thoughts on “On Isadora Gruye’s “Document of Discussion (3)”

  1. fixated forlornly on some spot in front of them

    What a great description. You see bods who look like this all over the place! LOL! 🙂
    And your last few lines tickled me pink!. Thanks.

  2. Oh golly! This gave me such a laugh. I love the dry wit in the tone, the seamless extension of the Document of Discussion, and the social observation that much grand philosophy goes unremarked, the philosophers being inebriated at the time.

  3. Laughin out loud. Can’t disagree with the bartender. Sharp poem, and a great dialogue with Isadora’s which was also fun–the metaphysical quickly goes from the sublime to the ridiculous with the excessive lubrication of spirits.

  4. Great take on the discussion, and as out there as conversations like this seem in outr writing..you know that when bellie up to the bar, they are as commonplace as a good morning greeting at work. I love Izzy….and I love this. Great job.

  5. I am glad to see you’ve made use of my document of discussion and even elevated a notch or two >> I am definitely of the thinking that Narwhals are a sign of nature’s whimsy and giddiness: the unicorn of the sea. the. unicorn. of. the. sea. and I must admit a fondness for this piece simply because it starts out with the line “Consider the narwhal” If I am not mistaken that was exactly what started my initial conversation with Pat, narwhals as proof of a sense of humor. Isn’t there always some ass who wants to use every damn thing as an allegory from a higher power. blargh.

    viva la, my friend, viva la.

  6. your disembodied voice, positing the stern judgment argument for the narwhal is a stroke of genius. i could enumerate the reasons for this, but i have some serious forlorn fixating to do.
    izzy’s documents are brilliant, and by definition ‘for discussion.’ i love that you’ve carried the conversation to another bar’s counter.
    a final toast, for the curious drunks. without whom the narwhal might langour entirely unconsidered.

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