an incident at portage & main


Like any fairy tale worth its salt,

There was the requisite number of white knights and villains,

Though the latter somehow sanitized, even redeemed

As if the wolf had nothing more devious in mind

Than chewing a few loose threads off Little Red’s shawl.

In any case, there will be a time for discussion and considerations

Of overnight ratings and currency fluctuations,

Revenue streams and luxury-box occupancy—but not today,

For this is a day for those dreams born of driveways and ponds,

To shout those words we had so long dared not give voice to,

A day for the streets to be strewn with any number of glass slippers.

And, should someone ask me in their best Al Michaels-esque cadences,

If I believe in miracles, I will say, wearing the long-dormant smile

Of a six-year-old on Christmas Day, Yes, I do. Very much, indeed, I do.


6 thoughts on “an incident at portage & main

  1. i like this w.k. – it’s playful and serious at the same time…just as fairytales are – i have some dreams, born on driveways and ponds as well…love the ending..and smile

  2. Hey WK, how’s it hanging? Haven’t seen anything new from you in a while, hope you’re not too busy and doing something better than writing poetry, like travelling, or getting drunk with random women, or maybe painting warhammer 40k sets.. Drop me an email if you have time.


  3. This sounds somewhat Netherworld-esque. In the Netherworld that is the setting for the stories my friends and I create, creatures often do unexpected things, such as the wolf who only wants to chew the strings of the child’s cape. I enjoy things which challenge people to take a second look at their expectations!

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