it’s always marcia, marcia, marcia

I hope my dear sister is finally content;

I no longer the center of attention,

My youth just memory (not so much misspent

As overdrawn), my vain grasp at retention

Of childhood beauty a sad plastic attempt

At happily-ever-after, to bring back

The source of my joy, and my sister’s contempt

(This faded prom queen, that gray ex-quarterback.)

Sometimes, I meet friends from the old high-school scene

Who seem to be amazed, or even annoyed

That I cling so fiercely to myself at eighteen,

But I have stared quite deeply into that void

Where no tender mercies fill empty spaces,

For God smiles upon the girl with the braces.


5 thoughts on “it’s always marcia, marcia, marcia

  1. I read it and then re-read it. E rhyming is quite quirky in this one. As always, the questions raised by the narrative – is this the voice of memory or a first person game? I hope lots of people see it via pop!

  2. My first visit here, but not my last. Found this to be very good. I guess, in retrospect, it was a blessing not to have such fond memories to cling to…although I sure didn’t think so at the time. I guess I must have been a “C” student…because I don’t know what E rhyming is either. All that aside….great job! Vb

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