the minstrel in the gallery (risky acoustic version)

Sing, the sovereign said, of noble deeds by knight and squire

Of wise and prudent edicts from counselors at court,

A pleasant tune to soothe me just before I retire.

Firmly grasping lute in hand, I offered this retort:

I shall sing of drunken knights who strike out in a rage

Of peasants suffering under the weight of yoke and scythe,

Sly and venal ministers bringing in a new age

Where they break the common man by taxes and the tithe.

I shall sing of the simple mortality of kings,

Pig-eyed priests concerned more with their bottles than their God,

Of courtesans at court plied with furs, satins, and rings,

Of how we live as equals six feet under the sod.

(I’d never have seen morning had he not liked the parts

With slutty queens and horses and foul parish priest’s farts.)


One thought on “the minstrel in the gallery (risky acoustic version)

  1. not sure how it is that nobody’s commented on this… because it’s totally great. the scene, the ribaldry, the rebellious young minstrel, the flatulent priest… the parenthetical title… love it.

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