what is toronto?

He was, to be sure, very impressive indeed.

Not so much someone on his way

As much as one who had truly arrived:

Sleek, self-assured, possessing the calm of one

Who fully understands just how powerful he is,

One who has not embraced the company culture

As much as self-immersed in it,

To the point where it has so permeated his structure

That is hard to tell where he begins and it ends.

And yet, there is something unsettling there:

The odd non sequiturs, disturbing enough

In their utter and unconscious wrong-headedness,

But even more so in the motorized, perfunctory method of their delivery,

As if it were obvious that it is we who clearly must be incorrect.


Some three hours of drive time away, past any number

Of Holiday Inn Expresses and faded Catskill resorts,

A handful of people carrying standard-issue banker’s boxes

Containing the detritus of twenty or thirty years of work

Exit the vestigial office the company maintains in its birthplace

(Only there as a nod to history, a sop to the locals and legislators.)

We hate to lose good people, the HR person who drove up for the occasion

Intones solemnly to a handful of reporters slouching in folding chairs

Scattered about a small, Seventies-wood-paneled conference room,

But there are certain market inefficiencies at work,

International incidents, other anomalies the forecasting tools

And business models couldn’t have foreseen.

And as he speaks, one of the newly superfluous

Points her car homeward, crossing the sluggish, ice-clogged Susquehanna

Over a bridge commemorating a giant of cash registers and calculators.


5 thoughts on “what is toronto?

  1. them that’s got shall gain, those that’s not shall lose, so the bible says, and it still is news

    mama may have

    and papa may have

    but god bless the corporate suck that’s got his own.

  2. lovely imagery, missed your talent for weeks.

    Please feel free to share 1 to 3 poems with our potluck poetry today, participants could use old poems or poems unrelated to our theme, Thanks..
    Happy Monday!

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