Chet Jumps

Ain’t much


junkies and geniuses.

Still, cat hit pavement right on the



8 thoughts on “Chet Jumps

  1. Hm. Had to give it a second read to settle comfortably into the evocations of this one. That is not to say I dislike it: in fact, a very potent piece. Merely had to collect my thoughts. I’ve always enjoyed the cinquain form, for the power it can bring out when done well. Enjoy the sentiments. How much separates “the best” from “the worst”? Not much. All are men. All are the same when they fall. When they crash. Something more people could stand to recognize…

  2. I did the same as Sarah. I read and didn’t get it but was kind of feeling it and then I read the title. I’m still not getting it well enough I think, but it’s a cool tight bit.

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