murder, tonight, in the trailer park

I heard the sheriffs needed two trips to get her out.

This according to John Lee Townes at the Come On Inn

(An untrustworthy witness if there ever was one,

Prone to drunken blackout and sober embellishment

One step from rehab and two steps from the loony bin.)

The facts at hand were short on gore, long on the mundane;

Peggy Rabish—possessions few, her jewelry cheap—

Was found (bruised, but not bloody) laying in a profane

Yet oddly peaceful position of mock prayer or sleep.

As passers-by gawked, whispering inventions of jilted boyfriends and rich aunts

While rummaging through their memories in search of plausible alibis,

The state boys, diligent and professionally bored, secured the crime scene.

Suspects? One trooper barked, Shit, just look around here.

Meth-heads, drunks, welfare cheats—you tell me who the hell isn’t?

The park manager nodded, half-listening, turning his collar up against the chill,

His thoughts focused in filling this soon-to-be empty lot,

Vacancies and felonies being equally bad for business.


6 thoughts on “murder, tonight, in the trailer park

  1. i was right there with you.. loved the profesionally bored state boys and the whole atmosphere you paint with your words..yes..was right there..tight write

  2. A couple of years ago I found a young man in the nearby park who had shot himself to death. I called 911 and stood to the side watching the professionals examine the scene and take his body away. I was so struck by how absolute death is, how he had given up his right to decide anything for or about himself, how he couldn’t even twitch a finger. Everything about him was up to strangers. And he had been young, too. I never have forgotten it.

  3. An interesting and consistent journalistic voice throughout this. I like the details you bring to this picture, and the tight, matter of fact descriptions you use.

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