The Tower At Oriskany Falls

The historical marker, press-stamped by some inmate

At Attica or Dannemora, refers to it as St. Leger’s Tower,

Though those old-timers who have not died off or fled south

Prefer the name “Barry’s Folly”, as he was reported to have claimed

That it would stand, like Empire itself, erect and unsullied

For a dozen centuries, and several hundred years beyond as well.

All that lingers now is the main of its foundation, topped with no more

Than an uneven row or two of brick, sitting squat and forlorn

Just outside the entrance to an old, long since abandoned cemetery

Where the stones of the war dead and early settlers

Have been washed clean of names, dates, and epitaphs

By the tainted rains which once rolled in from Gary, Flint and Hamtramck,

And further up the hill, a weathered and peeling billboard beside the main road

Invites those unwitting travelers who have wandered off the Thruway

To experience the magic of Herkimer Diamonds


3 thoughts on “The Tower At Oriskany Falls

  1. old ruins indeed carry a certain magic in them with their history – i always try to think me back into the time when they were built and life was raging…great picture you paint with your words here

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