The Sonnet For Wednesday’s Meatloaf

We had dreaded there’d be nothing left to say,

Once we moved past fondest hopes and deepest fears

Shared in courting’s bright light to the day-to-day

Of Wednesday’s meatloaf and checkbooks in arrears,

That hearts would be silenced and tongues would be stilled

By diapers and deadlines, that life would preclude

The prolonging of ardor, devotion chilled,

Love’s early zeal simply a brief interlude.

We laugh at such thoughts now; how could we have known,

(Little more than children ourselves, after all)

That true affection has a grace all its own

Which lifts us up after pitfall and pratfall

(The flat tire, the spot of gravy on the face)

And gently guides us beyond the commonplace.


One thought on “The Sonnet For Wednesday’s Meatloaf

  1. Quite like this sonnet in many places – but are you intentionally disregarding sonnet meter (iambic pentameter)? You imagery and general word-use is quite arresting at times, yeah I like it, but the meter is difficult to make any headway with. If you have intentionally written a ‘modern’ sonnet and avoided iambic pentameter on purpose, plz disregard this!


    Luke @ WordSalad

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