The Unauthenticated And Likely Apocryphal Final Fulminations Of The Madman Howard Beale

Well, perhaps not. Oh, you’ll have your little roar,

And you’ll get a brief glimpse of life as a man,

But, just as quickly, you’ll be just like before,

Befuddled on your couch, right where you began,

And, besides, you wanted to watch the ballgame

Or that George Jefferson—Shut yo ass, Weezy!

So, the moment shall pass. You’ll be just the same;

Change—like truly living—is never easy,

And what is left to aspire to but ease?

Shout exhortations from the rooftops? They’ll just

Shut the windows and Turn up the volume, please,

Remote and cold beer in hand until they’re dust.

I have prattled on enough—indeed, too long

And it’s likely history shall prove me wrong.


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