Forty Shades Of Blue

Forty shades of blue?

Well, there’s fifty ways to leave your lover,

And an infinite number of subtle gradations

On the spectrum.  I’d think forty is a walk in the park

For any poet worth his salt.


Indigo certainly works, if you’re sitting

In some bar where it’s all jazz all the time,

Even though you don’t know your Miles from your Chet,

Your Coltrane from your Monk—you have, after all,

For the sake of some girl (an Art major.  Art major.)

Managed to fake it this long, almost long along enough

To believe that you’re enjoying yourself.


Azure was your childhood;

Skies high and endless, days where the sun

Never seemed to set, just one ball game

In the field across the road fading imperceptibly

Into the next one, no signs trumpeting

A forthcoming sub-development leaning obscenely

Where second base rightfully belonged.


That’s two down, only thirty-eight to go, my son.


Well, I’m just getting warmed up here.


Navy is a not-quite-right blazer worn to the interview

For a job you were probably overreaching for

In the first place—it probably involved the devil’s own hours,

What with nights, weekends, and try taking vacation time anyway.

Hell, that makes you pretty much the man in the gray flannel suit.


Sapphire is…September’s birthstone?  Well, it would make sense

As you first saw her…oh, it must have been the second or third week

Of first semester, junior year.  Her laugh was as loud (yet every bit

As soft and comforting) as church bells,

And she was so mad and random

As to give Alice’s Queen of Hearts a run for her money.

To be fair, it could have never worked—her plans,

If you could stretch Webster enough to call them that,

Made up of faraway places and far-out schemes guaranteeing no more

Than undernourishment and underemployment.


Giving up the ghost already? Nothing else to say?


Well, I’ve always been a bit of an underachiever.


One thought on “Forty Shades Of Blue

  1. Hehe, nice. I particularly enjoyed the visuals here, with the name of each colour bringing up objects in a direct way, and then the ongoing narrative/meta.. Works very well.

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