The Dragon Of Parikkala

Above the Arctic Circle, where the good Laplanders dwell,

A place where sunlight never melts the tundra’s icy shell

And Beelzebub himself eschews, much preferring Hell.

Yet evil is no stranger here

Due to a beast the natives fear:

The dragon of Parikkala


The provincial church was burgled, a most confounding case

Church poor boxes relieved of gold and scattered ‘round the place

The cleric who resided there was gone without a trace.

‘Twas nothing the good priest would do

All the evidence pointed to

The dragon of Parikkala


The sheriff was a bruiser by the name Jyl Purrakut

Rumored to be the owner of a house of ill repute

Such assertions (quite naturally) he’d angrily dispute:

Not down to me, he’d all but hiss,

You know who is to blame for this

The dragon of Parikkala


Banker Aric Toskala charged outlandish interest rates

And those who did not pay on time suffered most unhappy fates,

Tossed rudely from their homes and forced to sleep on sewer grates

Confronted, Aric explained why

It seems his brain was possessed by

The dragon of Parikkala


Young Jana Makkarainen, from a fine family in town

Found herself in a quandary which turned her life upside-down

Denoted by a swelling underneath her simple gown.

My maidenhood, the girl would cry

Was cruelly stolen from me by

The dragon of Parikkala.


In this humble northern burgh, sin and evil endure

Though the town folk, one and all, are wholly chaste and pure

So a myriad of unhappy fates they stoically endure

Yet they are blameless in the least

The fault lies wholly with the beast

The dragon of Parikkala.


6 thoughts on “The Dragon Of Parikkala

  1. This is the very best of folk-lore balladry. I love the use of rhyme, so well-maintained to the final word and adding to the fun of this tale of human vice, and the best defense against it.

  2. If I lived in Lapland, I’d def believe in dragons, too–in fact this is universal, and could explain a lot about American politics–maybe he’s moved! Loved it.

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