a cartoon cat in the time of cloud computing

You have been finally set free, the attendees are told

(Although, in truth, “free” is a very large and entirely vague word),

And the message is sent forth from all comers in all corners:

Vendors and visionaries, German socialists who left university

To ride boats for Greenpeace, first lieutenants doing their level best

To appear at ease in civilian polos and khakis—but no matter the vessel,

The message is still the same.  The tyranny of cables and storage space is dead,

It is all but shouted from the lecterns (although it should be mentioned

That there are certain requirements in terms of hardware and licensing),

And it is stated with a certainty that neither brooks nor invites contradiction,

By Those Who Know that We have jumped the divide which has separated

Mere data from the realm of magic.



Two or three blocks down the street from the convention center,

In a narrow storefront housing an exhibition of ether-only comics

Which have broken the nettling constraints of editors and syndication,

Sits, under a somewhat opaque and slightly scratched piece of plexiglass,

A yellowing comic strip of uncertain vintage,

In which a cat, unbridled by panels, gender, or standard grammar,

Is the recipient of a mouse-tossed brick whose flight,

Unfettered by probability, physics, indeed time itself,

Ends squarely striking its target,

The projectile itself an inexplicable alchemy of confusion, mirth, frustration

And the impossibility of an undeniably pure love.


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