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It was only gonna be a little three-hour jump
‘Till the barometer bottomed out and the Minnow went bump
But you make chocolate milk when life gives you turds
Ain’t nothin’ like Thurston Howell and The Thirds.

When that sightseeing gig hit a bit of a snag
It stopped that tight trio from bein’ everyone’s bag
Because, Daddy, those cats are just too cool for words
Ain’t nothin’ like Thurston Howell and The Thirds.

TH III drips with sophistication,
But it don’t stop the man from syncopation
They trumpet like elephants ‘n twitter like birds
Ain’t nothin’ like Thurston Howell and The Thirds.

It’s Thurston on the keyboards settin’ the pace
Little Buddy on drums, the Captain on bass
Wowin’ folks drinking coconut shaken-and-stirreds
Ain’t nothin’ like Thurston Howell and The Thirds.

They blow sixteenths and eights and do it in style
Cooler than cats on any charted isle
Keep your Goodman Qunitets and your Thundering Herds
Ain’t nothin’ like Thurston Howell and The Thirds.

(LATE ADDENDUM: This was cobbled together for what Izy says is over at Real Toads. Obviously I didn’t write about an exotic locale, just the house band in one.

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  1. You know, I was always partial to Maryanne. :)

    • You know, Bo Belinsky dated Tina Louise, the actress who played Ginger. The man threw a no-no and dated Ginger. Don’t tell me his career was a disappointment.

      • Most of us would give up five years of our lives just to say we did either one of those two things. Lucky, lucky, bastard.

  2. You rock the rhymes, and rhythms in this piece, wkk. I’ll take chocolate milk if it’s all I can get, and who knows what may transpire when one makes an unexpected journey?

  3. ha!

    • Glenrussellslater
    • Posted January 11, 2014 at 7:27 am
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    W.K., did you know how the S.S. Minnow got it’s name? I’ve gotten this from a lot of fairly reliable sources.

    When Newton Minow made his famous speech about television in 1961, calling it a “vast wasteland”, that king of high culture, Sherwood Schwartz (who was to blame for “Gilligan’s Island” AND “The Brady Bunch”, and also wrote the theme songs for both shows) got so incensed at the nerve of Minow to say such a thing that he named the marooned ship after Newton Minow (adding the additional “n”).


    • That is a great, great story; I’d never heard that before.

  4. I do like your tag, wk

  5. and i thought this was gonna be a spoof on the shakespeare play Tempest. Maybe that’s lost in spce?

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