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Back in
I resolved to be more
goal-oriented; I should get
to that.

(For this Toad prompt, and you may be correct in the assumption that I should have got to it a bit sooner and with more vigor.)

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  1. Great! Chillin’ is good …..

  2. but still, i love me some sharp cinquain. excellent. happy new year!

  3. there’s always next year ~

  4. I was gonna do it yesterday… then today got in the way…

  5. I’m not too good with goals…seems as soon as I set them then they grow daunting teeth that threaten to bite me if I come near. ;)

  6. Oh, this got a HUGE laugh from me.

  7. precious…..reminds me of a saying I invented: I was quite sure today would be the day of reckoning. Now I am quite certain that day will be tomorrow. Merry merry and bright, Kortas. Happy 2014

  8. I think I’ll join you.

  9. This made me laugh out loud. Perfect.

  10. I don’t believe that highly goal-oriented people make the best poets – and you are one of the best!

    Many thanks for your kind words on my blog. I am so thankful to know poets, and see them in action on a weekly basis – I don’t believe other readers and writers of poetry are as fortunate as we band of bloggers.

  11. You make procrastination look so much fun. I feel better already.

  12. were you on the field chasing chambliss? there were reports of wills being stolen right from people’s backs.

    • Man, if I’m chasing Chambliss’ ass, you know I’m catching him.

      • Well, he was a first baseman and kind of slow. If I remember the footage from ESPN classics, Yankee fans were ruthless in those horses lining the warning track days. They pillaged players; went for the hat, jersey, probably limbs too. Turned the players into untouchables years later.

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